Sunday, February 27, 2011

NO P.A Presents: Makiko Yamamoto, Don’t Laugh Show

Hi It is time to have a fun night!
One night event, This coming Friday

Don’t Laugh Show

Date: Friday 4 th March 2011

Place: KIPL, 136 Roden St, West Me lbourne

Time: Door opens at 7:00 pm

Explanation of the show

“Target” (Three chosen performers, Samaan Fieck, Kishore Ryan

and Chris Dolman), which is physically and mentally quite hard. What they

have to do during the show is to watch various performers (I will call

performers Gagsters) and role of Target is NOT TO LAUGH. The Gagsters

will perform in front of Target and for them to make them laugh. If Target

laugh during the performance, they will get a punishment by team Punisher,

which will be a smack on the bottom each time they laugh. A punishment

will not create too much pain but it will be enough to say pain.

This show is a part of NO P A project by KIPL. The show will be

the appropriation of Japanese TV program Don’t Laugh 24 hours by Down

Town (Gakino tsukai ya arahende). Makiko Yamamoto who is practicing visual

artist based in Melbourne, is curating this show to experiment in the possibility

of use of gallery with visual and sounds artists to activate the space and

also challenging how much we can be unintelligent through the form of art.

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