Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kipl presents: The Vessel Project, cleaninglady, Vijay Thillaimuthu and Marco Cher- Gibard.

As part of the 'No PA' series, Kipl presents:

The Vessel Project

The Vessel project is an initiative founded by Rod Cooper and Dale Chapman in 2009.
The Vessel took four years of planning and over a year to construct.

The Vessel project primarily focuses on instrument building, installation and live performance.

The sonic work of Rod Cooper spans more than 20 years.

Cooper’s interest in instrument building started while completing his sculpture degree in 1988. The many skills developed during the production of his unique instruments, enable him to produce complex metallic instruments.

Cooper performs regularly through out Australia and has toured overseas in the UK, New Zealand, America, Ireland, Indonesia and Japan.

Chapman builds the electronic components of the vessel. He constructs oscillators and delicately hacks existing devices that yield to the pressures of his soldering iron.

By combining many ideas into a singular complex interface, the Vessel has a large range of sounds, incorporating percussion, bowing mechanisms resonant springs and electronic noise.

Measuring in at over 3.5 meters in length, the hollow metallic construction of the Vessel creates a unique timbre. The large boat shaped sound chamber covered with strings and idiophones produces an acoustic resonance that is large in scale, a sound that Cooper himself equates to the vast spaces of the urban underground that he explores with fellow collaborator Dale Chapman. In 1990 Cooper and Chapman formed Klunk. Klunk’s Mantra was sub-terrestrial improvisation. It was during these urban underground explorations where they cut their teeth, developing a new approach to improvisation and performance, leaving behind a back catalogue of rare recordings.

Also Performing:

cleaninglady : Crazed saxaphonisms driven by pedal mania.

Vijay Thillaimuthu & Marco Cher- Gibard : Unpredictable sonic assassinations touched by the hooves of electrified mules.

136 Roden St West Melbourne Friday 11th Feb

Doors 7:30pm

$10 Entry.

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