Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sabbatical Presents: Justice Yeldham

Globe-trotting glass eater Lucas Abela has made a career out of exploring the extreme side of sound. First it was with turntables attached to saw horses with sewing machine motors, briefly Freddy Krugger-styled record needle gloves, then it was a contact mic'd trampoline. For the last few years, under the guise of Justice Yeldham, it's been glass.

Starting each performance with a large sheet of glass, a contact mic and an array of effect pedals. Performances last as long as the glass can withstand the pressure of Mr Abela's face.

Sabbatical is proud to present this rare Justice Yeldham performance as Mr Abela stops over in Melbourne on his way to who knows where.

KIPL custodians and all-round excellent gents Wife will kick off proceedings, followed by the interminable noise assault of Fucked. Offering a welcome respite, Miles Brown & Shags Chamberlain will cleanse the aural palette with their theremin and synth explorations.

Finally, Justice Yeldham will perform on a couch. Seriously, that was his only rider request - a couch to perform on.

It's an early start for an early end. It is a Monday night after all.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Justice Yeldham
Miles Brown & Shags Chamberlain

Seven dollars entry

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